Monday, January 31, 2011


Hi people.  Ok, just so you know, I'm working on a really fantastic inspirational special post which should be ready to go for tomorrow evening, but in the mean time I just wanted to share some completely unrelated thoughts for the day.

First and foremost I would like to officially blame this crazy winter weather (which will formally be known as "The Great Freeze of 2011") on the arrival of the Packers and the Steelers in Dallas today for the upcoming Super Bowl.  The high tomorrow is to be 15 degrees with a wind chill of 0.  (Zero, y'all!) Also we will be having freezing rain and snow. (SNOW, y'all!!)

Now, I know some of you reading this are used to this kind of weather, (I'm looking at you Susan) but we here in The Great State of Texas are NOT.  We can't handle it, we're not prepared for it and quite frankly we just don't like it! I don't even own a coat thick enough to endure this shit.  Packers, Steelers...hurry up and go home and take your weather with you.  K thanks.
I miss our beatuiful Summer Sunsets!

Second, I received a call the other day at work from a woman whose mother was a patient in our office.  She asked me to have the doctor tell her mother that she is not allowed to eat chips and queso.  Ok, that in itself is a little strange, but by far not the strangest request I have seen.

So I pull up the patient's chart and find out that the lady is 98 years old. Ninety Eight.  Ok, fuck that!  As most of you know, I have a great love for all things cheesy, chips and queso ranking about numero uno on that list. 

You can bet your sweet ass that if I make it to 98, I'll be eating chips and queso for every damn meal if I want to, as well as drinking Maker's Mark directly out of the bottle every day, and there is nothing you or my hypothetical daughter can say about it.  Got it?!

I mean, queso wasn't even INVENTED when this lady was born!!  Let her enjoy it, damnit!!  Am I wrong?? 

That is all.  Carry on.


I'm Susan Szold. said...

Of course you're not wrong!! have the doctor calland tell her to eat more...nad wash it down with Jack Daniels and then smoke a joint. I willnever reach 98 but if I do, Peanut M&Ms for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

emily illinois said...

Ha! I worked in a nursing home and there was a lady there who was 107 and ate 2 fried eggs and toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At that age, all you have are the little luxuries. I agree with you, LET HER EAT QUESO!

CatZilla said...

See? Maybe that's the secret to a long life. Eat whatever the hell you want!