Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Great Freeze of 2011

Holy crap y'all!!  Shit got real last night.  North Texas as a whole is covered in a solid, 3 inch layer of ice.  They shut down DFW Airport for a few hours this morning.  Shut. It. Down!  Needless to say neither I or Big Dinosaur went to work today.  After watching the 13 big rigs pile up on one of our major highways, I decided it would be best that my tiny little car not test it.  Flippin' CRAZY!!

So everything was fine at first.  We bundle up under blankets and turn on the TV to watch all the other idiots sliding around.  I bet the Packers and the Steelers think us Texans are nuts!  We can't handle this crap y'all! 

 Then after a little while, it hits me.  We are stuck in the apartment for God knows how long and...

WE HAVE NO BOOZE!!!!   Also, maybe not too much to eat...but more importantly NO BOOZE!!!!!  What are we going to do?!?!

After about an hour and a half of me bitching, begging, crying and threatening him, I finally convince Big Dinosaur that we must venture out for the sake of my sanity and his safty.  And, of course, for the sake of my alcoholism.  Here are some pics.

This is Big Dinosaur telling me to be careful on the stairs.  Yeah, duh.  Then I almost busted my ass at the bottom of the stairs.  Yay, me!
Observe: the Native Texans trying to adjust to their new surroundings of solid ice.  They seem to be having a trouble with foot placement and proper attire.  They won't last long in this harsh environmet...

At least I had boots on!  And I found that snazzy scarf in the bottom of our closet.  Yesss.

So, we get in Big Dinosaurs '77 Chevy and prepare for our voyage.  Only problem?  Big Dinosaur can't get the beast into 4 wheel drive.  So we are stuck in the parking lot.  Panic sets in as I realize my precious booze is getting further out of reach.

Big Dinosaur is pissed that his truck is screwed up; I'm pissed because the shakes are setting in.  No one is happy. 

I decide we must go on foot.  He is not pleased.  Obviously, I win.
I wanted to take pictures on our walk, but my fingers froze and fell the fuck off, sorry about that.  The walk wasn't very interesting anyway.  Lots of ice, lots of slipping, thankfully no falling, and eventually we made it to the store and back! Yay!

Glorious success!!  I will be able to survive at least two days, if I ration myself, and I think Big Dinosaur got us some of those huge, gas station burritos while we were there so that we wouldn't have to eat that tub of butter for dinner.  Not that I would have minded, the butter and the burritos probably have about the same nutritional value anyway.


I'm Susan Szold. said...

You and Big Dinosaur are too cute for words.

As for the ice, that's pretty bad for anywhere....and as for the food in your fridge, unacceptable. You should always have a bag of frozen Chinese dumplings in the freezer (from Costco) to saok up the alcohol.

CatZilla said...

Oh my God...Chinese dumplings sound soooo good! My next trip to Costco I'll stock up. Promise!