Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA for the past week, but I guarantee I'm working on something you'll love.  Meanwhile, here is some random shit I did this week.

Saw this sign at a gas station:

Ok, let's go over this together.  "Milk Gallons, $3.89 each, when you buy 2, one at regular price."  What??  I am just retarded or does this make NO SENSE whatsoever?  Not only that, but at the bottom it said "Limit 2."  Do you people understand why I'm usually not paying attention when you talk?  It's because I'm thinking about shit like this sign and trying to figure it out.  Seriously.

I had to make deviled eggs for a bridal shower because, let's face it, I make the worlds most amazing deviled eggs ever.  And I found not one, but TWO eggs that had twins.

This kinda freaks me out.  Usually I don't really think about the fact that when I'm eating eggs I'm actually devouring tiny, unformed chicken fetuses.  Something like this really brings it back to the forefront of my mind, you know?  Plus, never in my life have I seen chicken fetus twins and on this day there were two!!  Big Dinosaur was excited because he wants me to have twins someday (I'm pretty sure he thinks we get to choose how many babies we have at a time...) and he says it's an omen.  I just think it's strange.

Also, I got two new FISHES!!!

I know I'm not very creative with their names.  It's not like you can "wait and see what their personality is like."  If that were the case they would all be named Hungry and Swimmy.  Spotty looks depressed in his picture, but don't worry, he's not.  He just had some gas.

Welp, that's about all you missed.  Oh, except me and my two besties hung out at the casa and got shitcanned got hammered had a few drinks.  Then we decided to play with the new camera effects on my iPhone.  I'll leave you with those results.  See you soon!

Morgan on the left, Angel in the back, and CatZilla herself on the right.

This is the look of, "Over it."
Note~ I have another one of just Angel and Morgan in a drunken loving embrace where they are falling over.  I have left it off because they asked me to and I'm a nice person.  Don't piss me off bitches, or that shit is getting posted!  Love you!  Mean it!


I'm Susan Szold. said...

As usual, I enjoy everythingthat flows from your brain. More, please....

Also, Spotty does, indeed, look depressed. Are you sure it was gas?

CatZilla said...

Pretty sure, he is fine now! :) I should take a new "Happy Spotty" picture so you beleive me...Hahaha

Shanna said...

I pretty sure that shit is a conjoined twin--weird--did you feed that to anyone?