Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey--Ass Jacket

You asked me to draw you a picture for your vacation.  And then I did.  And you left without it.  So here, Rebecca.  Now you get the public shame of it being posted for the world to see and know how much you don't care about the time it took me to draw this for you.  I even made you extra skinny with extra big boobs.  You're welcome.

The waves are my favorite part.  Not that you CARE!
Have fun in whatever the hell foreign country you're going to.  Here's hopin' you don't come back radioactive.  AssJacket.

OhMyGod I'll miss you. *sob* Hurry home.  Bitch.


I'm Susan Szold. said...

"Ass jacket" the funniest thing anyone can every callanyone else---ever.

And I love the drawing. Where is she going anyway?

Shanna said...

R#1 has had her head up her ass lately...hopefully with her glass-front stomach and the fact that she can now wear a bikini, she can see where she is going....hahahaha! the fact that you posted this b4 the time actually existed. I am on to you...CATZILLA!