Monday, March 7, 2011

O yeah. Famous now.

Guess what?!  My Friends over at The Daily Pygmy (my only trusted news source) though I was cool enough to write an article about.  You can all check it out here.  And yes, that IS really me.  And no, those aren't really my eyes.  And yes, I was acquitted of that double homicide.

My sister, Sarah found these little lamented, cut out eyes at the bar one night and we all took turns sticking them in our eyes (totally sanitary, I'm sure) and taking funny pictures.  Proof?

My sister, Sarah
Sarah's hubby-to-be, Jarron.
Big Dinosaur looks sooo goofy with them!  Loves hims!
CatZilla Herself

There are lots n lots more but I figured I would spare you.  I had to inculde my favorite though:
It looks like Sarah's face is melting...

Anyway, back to my point, The Daily Pygmy is freekin aweseome and if you want a kick ass story written about you, click on the "Become a Pygmy" link and they will hook you up too!! Of course, your story will be nowhere near a kick ass as my story.  Sorry.  Oh and yeah, basically this means I'm super famous now. Yesssssss.


Pablo said...

The last pic is gonna give me nightmares. Glad you liked the post. I was stressing it! haha

CatZilla said...

I LOVED the post!! Why would someone as talented as you ever be stressing?! And yes, my family is super scary..

Janet NZ said...

Are you REALLY 6 feet tall?? You got all my height... if you could give me some I might end up the right weight... or are you too famous to talk to us ordinary, short-arsed people now? :-)

I'm Susan Szold. said...

Seth and I recently took turns putting those metallic yogurt lids over our eyes but weren't smart enough to take pictures of ourselves.

Going to read your article now, Famous Girl.

CatZilla said...

@Janet- Yes ma'am! :) You should read my post, "The Tall Girl." It talks all about it.

@Susan- Let me know how much you love it! Because I know you're gonna LOVE it! :) Pablo is amazing! My favorite news reporter in the wide world.

Shanna said...

Holy shit...that is what happened to your contacts the other day....yeah right, you got a "defected pair" were fucking around with "crazy eyes" again....we have discussed this. Oh yeah...just because you were acquitted, does not mean the homicides did NOT happen. Time to ball up!!!

CatZilla said...

SHANNA! Do not blame my acute conjunctivitis on the Crazy Eyes!! You know it's these crap contacts you got me. Well, I guess we should really blame Ernie..

Might as well blame him for the homicides too, while we're at it...