Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bozo the Clown taught us beer pong

GUYS!  I just had a major revelation. The reason my generation is so enfatuated with playing beer pong, is because deep down inside, we are all trying to be THIS KID-

So, we play a game in which to hone our skills on the off chance that one day, some day, we will be hand picked from a writhing audience of fidgety children, by a clown (who is a dead ringer for Pennywise now that I look at him) to take our chance at throwing a ball into a cup for the ultimate prize of a crisp $100 bill.

Thank you Pennywise Bozo! Without you my early 20's would have been filled with mindless drinking for only a reward of getting drunk.

That is all - You may continue with your lives now.

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